Reproduction Facilities and Services

Dr. Tubman has been practicing medicine for over 25 years. She started gaining valuable experience in Equine Reproduction while doing her undergraduate studies at the University of Kentucky; in addition living and working on breeding farms in Lexington. She continued to gain experience and knowledge by doing work studies at the Hoffman Center (Center for Reproductive Studies) at the University of Pennsylvania while attending Veterinary School there. She has developed a talent for settling difficult mares; including mares that are difficult to settle with either cooled or frozen semen.

The staff at Kent Veterinary is experienced in handling the mares and foals safely and gives newborns a good start in positive behaviors.  8 camera stalls allow observation of the mares before foaling and both mares and foals after the birth process.  This allows mare and foal the rest needed after foaling but allows safe monitoring without disruption to this important bonding time.

Breeding Shed