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Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) for Horses

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) is effective in treating lameness in horses by stimulating repair of tendon, ligament and bone injuries--without the need for surgery. A non-invasive modality in which high-intensity pressure waves are directed toward target tissues. ESWT was originally developed to break up kidney stones in human patients. Research has shown ESWT therapy 1) induces increased circulation, 2) increases cell activity, and 3) reduces inflammation around sensory nerves. Scientists therefore believe that there appears to be some mechanism of direct cellular stimulation resulting in the body's own resources accelerating healing.

Shock Wave Therapy would be indicated for the following conditions:

        -Wounds - Decreased healing time, decreased scar formation, aid in non-healing wounds.

        -Tendon and Ligament - Stronger repairs

        -Navicular Syndrome

        -Osteoarthritis - Ringbone, arthritic hocks, etc.

        -Fractures and Stress Fractures

        -Osteochondrotic Lesions (OCD)

        -Sore Backs and Necks - Kissing Spines, etc.


        -Angular Limb Deformity in Foals

Veterinary diagnosis is critical prior to treating equine musculoskeletal conditions with ESWT. Treatment may be performed at our clinic or at the horse's farm location. The horse only requires a mild sedation. The actual treatment time takes a few minutes.